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Electro Chemical Deburring

ECD-1001 Electro Chemical deburring systems offer selective material removal for hard to get at burrs. This process is especially useful in deburring areas like deep intersecting holes and cross holes commonly found in hydraulic valve bodies and miniature parts. The microprocessor controlled bench-top system insures ease of use and repeatable results at an affordable cost.

How It Works: This is a reverse plating process which removes burrs by passing an electrical current over the targeted area to remove undesirable features without affecting the part itself. A positive charge is connected to the part thus making it the anode while a negative charge, or cathode, is placed near the area to be deburred. Once an electrolite solution is applied the current flows between the opposing charges removing burrs and sharp edges in the process.

Does Not Harm Parts: The ELECTROLYTIC process makes non-contact deburring possible. Unlike other deburring methods (mechanical and thermal), this process leaves no secondary burrs and will not affect the stability of the material by applying excessive heat or friction to the part. The MINIBURR SERIES systems remove material only where desired.

  • Deep Intersecting Holes
  • Hole & Seat
  • Intersections
  • Hard To Reach Burrs
  • Threaded Intersections
  • Miniature Components
  • Quick Set-Ups and Change Over
  • Easy To Operate and Maintain
  • Simple and Inexpensive Tooling
  • Portable Bench-Top Design
  • Single or multipart Deburring
  • Effective on hard or soft metals
  • Spark guard protection
  • Micro computer programmable
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Non-Toxic Non Acidic electrolyte
  • Complete Self-contained system
  • Average cycle times of ten seconds
  • Consistent results regardless of operator
  • Fast article evaluations
  • Minimal Tooling Cost

  ECD-1001 in Action ECD-1001 Sales Sheet

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